Web Application Security Best Practices

Application should be built with security. Application security best practices during application development ensure that the applications adhere to security standards and best practices.

Our training program covers the following best practices during the various phases of development so that security is built in to the application:

  • Attack on Web Application

    We provide real life example to demonstrate how these threats can happen to the organisation.

  • Secure Concepts and Design Principles.

    Developer will acquire know how to address security in the application design.

  • Web Application Security Standards

    Developers working on applications will be trained on the Open Web Application Security Project's OWASP Top 10 web application security checklist. This will help them be aware of issues that need to be avoided during coding.

  • Secure Coding

    Developer will learn to Code against OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, cross-site scription and other common web application vulnerabilities

    • Web Application Security Best Practices
    • Cryptography
    • Authentication and session management
  • Secure Development Process

    Web application security tools and frameworks.

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